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Wallpaper Trim

You have waited so long to finally be able to redo your kitchen walls, they are wallpapered and although it was a nice pattern and there was nothing wrong with it, well to be honest it is boring. Money of course has been the culprit in this very expensive to redecorating plan. The kitchen is the center of the home, this is room where all good comes from and everyone stops to talk and spend time together, so you wanted your new kitchen to be perfect.

You start the process in the home improvement stores looking at paint and crown molding to give the room a special touch, wow this was going to cost you a small fortune, one that you did not have. There were so many things in the room that needed to be done and you were on a budget, so you moved on to the wallpaper section. What could you do with the existing wallpaper that you allow you to keep it, but to give it a new look? Then you saw it, rows and rows of the prettiest wallpaper trim.
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